Haidakhan Babaji is often confused with the Immortal Babaji. This is the Babaji lila. Haidakhan Babaji is a disciple of the Immortal Babaji. He used to break rocks with a hammer along the Nepal-India border to help with road construction. Then one day, while he was praying, the Immortal Babaji came to him and initiated him into the secret practices of yoga. He became so advanced that he was sometimes seen by villagers flying over the Himalayas in lotus posture. In 1920 he disappeared.

Then in 1970, a young man was found meditating in a cave near the village of Haidakhan. This young man became known as the reincarnation of Haidakhan Babaji. Do not mistake him for the Immortal Babaji. The Immortal Babaji never dies. He promised to keep his physical body, somewhere in the Himalayas, until the end of the earth. Haidakhan Babaji entered into mahasamadhi (dropped his body) of natural causes at his ashram in Haidakhan in 1984.

In 2002 Baba was walking barefoot towards Mt. Kailash. He took rest for the night at Narayan Swami Ashram, near the Tibetan border. In the middle of the night, he was awakened by Haidakhan Babaji. Babaji was massaging his feet. “Babaji! What are you doing?! I should be massaging your feet!” exclaimed Baba. Then Babaji waved his hand to the side and gave Baba a vision of his future disciples in America. After this, Babaji disappeared. Baba sat up and meditated. It was freezing cold. Afterwards he laid down and fell asleep. Babaji then came again, woke up Baba, and instructed him to go to Badrinath.

On observing the photos of the reincarnated Haidakhan Babaji, one observes the metamorphosis that took place in his person from young to old. This is because, as a young man, he was carried by the momentum of his previous birth. He effortlessly experienced samadhi and lived as a renunciate, beyond the grasp of the worldly. But over the years, as many people came to him, touching him, feeding him, he became fat, more dense, and the magical transcendent quality which he had embodied greatly diminished.

In the spring of 1984 he exclaimed that he was “tired.” A week later he passed into Mahasamadhi. His body is enshrined in a tomb at the Haidakhan Ashram. Even so, he is occasionally seen by sincere spiritual seekers in his astral form in the same areas of the Himalayas where he had physically lived.