After I had been living on the legendary Himalayan Mountain called Dunagiri for many months, I was guided to meet a Christian woman named Ruth Wilson.  She lived in the village of Dwarahat at the base of the mountain.  She was very devout and had a large treasure chest full of bibles.  As a token of appreciation she one day handed me a very small book of The New Testament.  Amazingly, this very book had been in the possession of my Dad’s Guru, Swami Satyeswarananda Giri.  He had put his stamp behind the front cover & even scribled commentaries throughout the book.  Ruth had known him and hosted him at one time many years before.  
     I thus began reading one chapter of the gospels daily. 

And Jesus said unto them,
“Carry no purse, no provisions bag, no sandals; refrain from [retarding your journey by] saluting and wishing anyone well along the way.” 

It was this verse which inspired me to let go of the sandals and wander with only a blanket, toothbrush, the robe on my back & this little book.  I was guided by my zeal for uninterupted absorption in spirit.  

Jesus living philosophy inspired me greatly.  One night I had a very lucid experience with the Apostle Saint Thomas.  We were sitting in a cave together laughing & joking.  He looked very much like Obi-Wan Kenobi with a white beard & receding white hair.  Suddenly, we felt a prescence & looked toward the mouth of the cave.  There,  Jesus floated.  His energy so pure.  So pure that his light is the essence of all light.  The next day I learned from Ruth that St. Thomas moved to India in AD 52.  He had taught & lived in 12 different locations in south India.  This very much inspired me to travel south to meditate in his cave & meditate at his tomb.  
     When I entered into the St. Thomas Basilica to visit his tomb, I recognized it.  Many years earlier as a 14 year old boy, while meditating I was transported to a past life.  I was sitting at the head of this very same cathedral giving a sermon.