Jai Ganesha   OM BABAJI OM

Beloved, I write this for you :-) because I love you.

From the feet of the Holy Guru in Jaipur, I traveled up to the Holy Mother Ganga in Uttarkashi.  I plunged in. She was cold and purifying.  My first bath in Her in this life.  Pebbles, sand, dirt, monsoon rush and glacier all racing over this body.  When I exited Her, a mysterious Yogi suddenly touched my feet exclaiming "You're a Great Man!"

I lunged to touch His feet, but he held my hands away with His impenetrable hand, exclaiming, "No! I'm Nothing!"

In a flash, He sat ten feet away from me, with an unblinking stare.  As I looked at Him he kept repeating, "You're a Great Man, but I'm nothing!  You're a Great Man, but I'm nothing..." For ten minutes we sat alone along the bank of the rushing Ganga.  He branded that statement into my consciousness forever.

The next day, I arrived at the steps to the Vaisnabi Mata Temple and Shakti Pith at Dunagiri Hill.  The sound of OM filled my whole being.  It kept coming in waves from the center of the Mountain.  This intoxication has no equivalent.  I had to keep stopping and disappearing into it as I slowly made my way up the 365 steps. The sun had just set.  Finally, I arrived at the Temple and a priest ushered me into a dark room next to the Temple.  I was grateful he left me alone to completely disappear in this all-encompassing, vibrating bliss. RAPTURE!!!  Nothing exists but this rapture, this OM that takes away all manifestation. Then suddenly, out of the OM came a voice.  I became body-aware again as I heard this voice speak to me.  It was Babaji, The ONE I had been praying to since I was a boy.  

He blessed me 3 times.  After the first blessing, I exclaimed to him, "BABAJI! BABAJI! You're the Heavenly Father! And if you're The Father then, you're Brahman!" After the second blessing, I exclaimed, "BABAJI, If you're Brahman then you're everyone & everything! All there is, is you!  I am you."  And then he gave His third blessing.

His blessings upon me have propelled me to regularly share Sat Sanga and be a doorway into Cosmic Consciousness!